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UkeGroup is a fun and safe place to learn the ukulele in a group or individually for adults and children. A great place to start as a beginner or if you just want to brush up on your playing and play with other people.

UkeGroup was founded by Jay Hammond, musician and artist. Developed out of her love of the ukulele and teaching. Jay has completed extensive training at London College of Contemporary Music, has a BA in Music and Vishal Art from Brighton College of Art and has a MA in Popular Music at Goldsmith University.

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What you'll learn

Jay is a trained singer so the ukulele classes also involve lots of singing.

Singing and playing the ukulele as a group is a joyous experience and will help you learn how to play.

Have fun!

Many students come not only to learn the ukulele but also for the social and community atmosphere. Build relationships in their community and meet like-minded people.


“Jay has taught both my daughters ukulele for over 6 years and has been pivotal to the passion they’ve both developed for the instrument during that time. While giving them a very solid foundation in the fundamentals of the instrument, she has also nurtured their own passion by allowing them to input into the selection of pieces and letting their different personalities shine through into their performances. She has created a number of opportunities for the girls to perform which has given them huge amounts of confidence and motivation. I would highly recommend jay as a teacher to anyone considering taking up the ukulele”

Jenn Low (parent)

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